Brand new song written for St Kilda Festival

The day I won the FReeZA Push Start Regionals I was in the car on the way home looking up St Kilda Festival and couldn’t really believe the size of it!!

I was so excited that I had already begun to plan my set and realised I needed a better opening song.

A good opening song is something that’s upbeat and people can tap their feet too (usually in 4-4) and also has an element of surprise. I was inspired by Elbow ‘The Birds’, a song that has an amazing crescendo. It leaves you wondering when the song is going to explode!

This time I first came up with guitar chords and very loudly, started writing the song.

It’s about when someone is constantly falling down but they never let it get to them and always get back up - maybe the moment they get up is the moment (hopefully) you’ll all be on your feet dancing!

This song was specifically written for the one purpose of opening my set for St Kilda Festival, the last round of the FReeZA Push Start Regionals and I can’t wait to see people jumping around to it while my band and I play.

See you there!


Sadie Mustoe